Johnny Ferniz: A Peek Into a Tri-athlete’s Life

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As they say Marathon is a life-changing experience. Some marathoners get hooked and aim for more, faster time. Others venture into the longer distance than marathon races, ultra marathon. With Cebu’s hosting of Cobra Ironman 70.3, a few got into tri-athlete world. Jonny Ferniz is one of those few who TRIed it. As expected, he unexpectedly got hooked to it.

Johnny Ferniz, Philippine / filipino triathlete picture

Photo from Johnny Ferniz

Following is a short Q&A of Johnny Ferniz, giving us a glimpse of the tri-athlete life.

Runroo: Were you into running first before becoming a tri-athlete?

Johnny: Yes, running was the first discipline that unleashed the athlete in me. Although I was just running for weight loss way back 2007, eventually it became something more like a lifestyle than a routine.

Photo by Michael Ocana

Photo by Michael Ocana

Runroo: How did you end up in the tri sport?

Johnny: Triathlon was something that I did not expect I would get into. I guess, all triathletes start with trying to “tri” and then get hooked on to the sport after their first try.

I love the challenge of running but when you add swim and bike on top of it, it ends up as an unexplainable concoction that drives you to ask for more. It is difficult, it’s painful, it’s “expensive” but it’s very fulfilling.

Runroo: Among the 3 discipline — swim, bike, run, which area are you most confident? Your weakness?

Johnny: I won’t say that I’m confident but I can say that my performance is better on the bike: especially if I get full months of continuous training.

My weakness on the other hand, is the swim leg of course. I guess, all triathletes who do not have any background in swimming will really find the swim part challenging because it is more focused on mastering the form rather than pure strength alone.

In short, good form outweighs strength. I’m currently working on my swim technique right now in order to get good swim splits for this year’s races.

Runroo: Major races you’ll be joining this 2013?

Johnny: I’m looking forward for my 2nd 70.3 IM. I’m working on improving my performance from last year.

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Runroo: What are your typical training week / schedule for your major tri event?

Johnny: As for the moment, I’m going back to my basics and simply build my base from there.

I train every day from Tuesday to Sunday, and try to get at least one rest day during Mondays. In a week, I get to run and bike at least 3x and swim 2x.

Runroo: What keeps you motivated to train and continue doing triathlon?

Johnny: The goal to stay fit and healthy is the main reason why I am into sport. However, when you have this competitive instinct, the desire to improve and get better is what drives me to train.

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