aktib.ph: How to use?

The aktib.ph is on beta stage.

For now, what it can do is:

* Provide race schedules around the Philippines. For now, races listed in the site are done manually by us. Later on, we hope to give everyone access so you can add your own events. (If you have any races to add, please contact us at welove@runroo.com for now.)

* Lets you create your own race calendar. For now, this is what you can do with aktib.ph. You can create some sort of “bucket list” of the races you are planning or wishing to participate in. You can create one for your self or for your group. Then, you can share it with your friends.


aktib.ph - how to use

Create an aktib.ph account via

a. Sign up, or

b. Sign in with Facebook

Once you’re signed in, you can:

a. Update your profile via Settings.

b. Click on a race event from the listing to view more details of the race.

c. The My Events is where you will find the races you selected for your race schedule / calendar or simply your bucket list.


From the event details page, you can:


a. Find more details about the race.

* Register here will lead you to a site where you can register online or find more details about registration.

* Website will lead you to the events main website.

b. Add event to your My Events, race schedule / calendar.

* Select Race Category which you wish to join.

* Then, Add to my events. A window will open asking you about your goal for that race. You can enter your goals or any thoughts for that race, or you can simply click Done to add it to your My Events. 

Note: For now, it seems nothing will happen after you click Done. But event is already added to your My Events.


 To view the races / events you selected, click on My Events.


a. Share Race Schedules will let you share your created race calendar / schedule with your friends in facebook


b. To remove races from your My Events, simply click on Remove below the event’s name.

To add more events to your schedule / My Events, simply click on aktib icon to bring you back to the list of events.

Feel free to send us feedback, good or bad to rose@runroo.com!

We’ll keep updating the aktib.ph for more races, and polish it more.

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