That Unavoidable Runner’s Talk: So how do you choose the right running shoes for you?

jodl job dabon, architect runner in cebu, philippinesby Jodl Job Dabon – father, architect, runner, marathoner 

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Everyone goes crazy about shoes, men and women a like, who isn’t?

Run, Ien, run

We have different shoes for different occasions, and running, a high impact sport, needs proper shoes, like galas demand you to wear formal shoes. A runner can’t and should not wear shoes intended for something else.

So how do you choose the right running shoes for you? I had that question before I bought my first pair, the Nike Air Pegasus. At that time, I had no idea what to look for in a running shoe, I just bought it because it had swoosh written all over it.

my first pair, Nike Air Pegasus, after 10 months

Three years onward, I know better now.

So for the first timers who are giddy to get hold of their first pair, here are some tips you might want to consider;

1. Take your time – never ever hurry to buy a running shoe! Why? Simply because shoes are expensive, and if you get the wrong shoe, you will regret having to buy another pair. Believe me, I was in that same position before.

2. Research – do your research. Read shoe reviews most importantly. There are many runners/bloggers out there doing good reviews on shoes. But, word of caution, if the shoes fit them, it does not mean that it’s for you too.

3. Brands – do not be fickle with brands. Going with the swoosh is not bad, but it is expensive too, and others are as well. Be open minded when it comes to brands.

New Balance 770 bought Feb. 20, 2008 -- my 2nd pair but my 1st love

New Balance 770 bought Feb. 20, 2008 — my 2nd pair but my 1st love

4. Comfort – put prime on this one. It does not matter if you underpronate, overpronate or natural. It also does not matter if you strike heel, or forefoot (this comes in later), what matters though, you are comfortable with the shoe. Make sure it gives your forefoot a nice hug, and the heels are locked down. If it does not give you a good lock-down at the heel, you can expect a lot of chaffing, and overall discomfort when you run

5. Breathability – your shoes have to breathe. Never buy a pair that won’t give you that much needed relief when things get hot. Long or short distance runs makes your feet really hot, and sweaty. For relief, get something that is airy.

6. Weight – most running shoes are relatively light. But there are some that are considerably lighter. This would have be on you whether you want to run light or or heavy. Lighter shoes generally are stripped down to its bare essentials, while heavy shoes offer you most of everything.

7. Durability – Buy something durable. The first part to give out in a pair of runners is its outsole. Constant running will eat your outsoles, trust me on this. Concrete and asphalt, where we all run, are so abrasive that soft outsole don’t cut it. Most Adidas runners have one of the better outsoles out there. It also helps if you have a second pair.

Adidas Furano 2

Adidas Furano 2

8. Price Tag – this factor trumps no. 1 – 7. If you have the money to spend for 6-7k running shoe, then go for it. The 6-7k shoes are in the top tier, and most will satisfy one’s requirements as stated above. But if you don’t have the money to spend, like me, trim down the list of what you want to have in a pair. And also, remember, malls are not the only place to scout for a good pair.

New Balance (NB) 1070 V2, the latest. It sho(e)ws NB is my fave.

Take your time to get your first pair, and be wary of the sales rep’s talk; it’s cheap talk. You have to remember that it is you who’ll be pounding in that shoe.


Editor: Talking about running shoes, please watch out for our post, next week, about running footwear proudly made in Cebu !

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