Running: My Beginnings and Aims

Each runner has his/her own story of beginnings. Following is a story of how a runner started, went through a phase of finding her place in running, and now aiming to try new things.

Also, please see details below on what awaits for the girls who can show us a “Strong is the new sexy” moment.


Bernadelle Narca, trail runner in cebu

By Bernadelle Narca

road/trail runner, HR Manager



“I get to realize how life is so much like running. Cliche, but yes, in running, as in life, sometimes you are going up and sometimes you are going down.”

 Peer-pressured running?

I started running way back when there was only one fun run in Cebu – the MTV Queen City Run. I joined not because I love to put on those rubber shoes, but because many of my colleagues were joining. In a time when I was still very new to the employment world, creating circles within the office is important – at least for me.

MTV Queen Run, Cebu

MTV Queen Run

I remember my first run at 13k – from Lapu-lapu City City Hall to the new bridge, to SM City Cebu. I ran without practice – well, I practically walked all-throughout actually. After that, I basically stayed away from the running world.

To find our niche, keep on trying. A disappointment can be our greatest motivator.

Two years ago, when my new work already permitted me to be in Cebu most of the time – and gave me the weekends off – I joined road runs again.

Then my friend introduced me to trail runs.

The first trail run I joined was a 13k (or 12-point-something-kilometers) challenge in Liloan. I joined, again not knowing what to expect – did not have practice, did not do carbo loading and did not have the necessary “gear” for such terrain. As expected, my shoes got busted, because I used my road running shoes in muddy, rocky terrain. I did not even finish the race, because my legs gave in. I only did 10 out of the 12-point-something-kilometer trail run. I have strength and persistence enough for 10k only.

During my first trail run, I realized that I like muddy, rocky and watery terrain better than the concreted hard surfaces in road runs.

It’s more challenging, and the drama in running is magnified. Upon climbing a slope – while your legs are trying so hard to stay firm on slippery soil and your heart is double-timing in pumping oxygen to your blood (or whatever it is that it does while we are running) – I get to realize how life is so much like running. Cliche, but yes, in running, as in life, sometimes you are going up and sometimes you are going down.

I went home somewhat disappointed, because I could have finished the race. My running buddy was still so into the game – but I begged him not to finish because my legs are already shaking.

Finding strength along the way.

Men really have more stamina than women. But after that run, I said: I shall join again and finish a trail run. And I did.

Three months after my first trail run, I finished a 7k run in about three hours. To many, it might seem such a long run, but for me,it was just enough. I had preparation – I ate the night before the run, had a good sleep and most importantly, I put on the correct pair of shoes.

But it seems that trail runs are hard to come by here in Cebu City. So I started running in road races again, this time in long distance runs. My latest conquer was a 16km run – that was the longest run I’ve had in my life so far. Although me and my running partner came to the finish line last, at least we finished the race, and did not quit. I’m sure the ambulance and the sweepers that were behind us towards the end of the race admired our spirit for keeping on despite the shame of being able to hit the finish line last.

Finding more possibilities.

bernadelle narca, trail running at aloguinsan eco-adventure on/off road trail run

Which way to go? U-turn or jump off? =)

Right now, I am practicing – I hope I can do this religiously – for long distance runs. The friend, who invited me to a trail run, has convinced me to run 50km next year this time. I said yes, well, there are still 12 months next year, and if I do run with her on December, I am still within my promised timeline. 🙂

I am no big-shot in running – but I can finish relatively long distance runs in my own pace… Hopefully, soon, I can be one of those 50km finishers — talk about aiming for the stars, huh..



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