RUNdom Snapshots: Loving Rewards

We still have a few entries in our inbox for the Cebu City Marathon (CCM) 2013 give-away promo, that were not able to make it as we received them after the promo ended.

It’s a waste to not share them so we’ll be sharing them one by one. Here’s one from Donald Adolfo, running at Mandaue-Mactan Bridge.

Rewards are waiting for us. But to have them, we cannot be just sitting down and wait for it to fall on our lap. We have to work, run, move towards it.

runroo RUNdom Snapshots

RUNdom Snapshots of Donald Adolfo


I love rewards. Even when I feel heavy legs and aching stomach, I still take one step, and another step, until I finish the race.

This is because I know at the end of the race, at the end of my journey, I can get the reward I am longing to have. That finisher’s medal waiting for me.


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