If it seems impossible, then it must be worth doing: Day 3 of 7-Day Marathon KM 0 Cebu Capitol (Dec. 12-18, 2012)

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They’re almost halfway of the 7-day marathon. I think the hardest part of long distance races or any long-term goal is maintaining the enthusiasm when you realized that there might still be a long way to, when probably we doubt ourselves and that maybe it’s impossible, and maybe it’s no longer worth doing.

Following video might be quite long, but it’s worth watching. It’s a talk by Lisa Bliss, the first female to cross Death Valley on self-support and self-contained (meaning she carried with her all the needed supplies for the whole journey from start to finish). It can be an approval to what you already believe in, or that extra push you need.

Following are snapshots of Day 3 of 7-Day Marathon KM 0 Cebu Capitol (Dec. 12-18, 2012), which I wonder if they have “impossible” in their dictionary.

Finally, a picture showing that they’re indeed running! =)

Lyra Valles and napoleon dela torre, ultra runners of cebu

Nap and Lyra
Photo by John Domingo

Probably the only thing impossible in this run is to ignore this “yummyness.” Breakfast for this day may not be fancy but who can resist these big smoking pots along the highway in Lilo-an.

liloan carenderia

Photo by John Domingo

liloan eatery for runners

Photo by John Domingo

For runners, it’s also impossible to not fall in love with KM markers.

Lyra Valles, cebu ultra runner

Lyra Valles
Photo by Nap dela Torre


Day 4 (It feels good to write number “4”!)

Run time: 2:30 AM

Starting area: KM 0 Cebu Capitol

Route: KM 0 to Naga and back

7-day marathon route map for 4th day

Day 4 Route Map

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