RUNdom Snapshots: Believe, while others are doubting.

We’re very happy to be shared with stories from running friends. So we’ll be putting up a column called “RUNdom Snapshots” in which we compile stories shared to us. This is NOT the 1st story that’s shared to us, but this will be the first which we’ll file in our Runner Moments cabinet file.


Jezerel Bags, 3rd placer PMAP & PAS Synergy run 3rd placer 5k

Jezerel Bags / Jose Baguio, 3rd placer 3K PMAP & PAS Synergy Run
Pic provided by Jezerel


My first running experience @PMAP and PAS Synergy run last November 18. Before that race, most of my friends and relatives are joking and keep on saying that I might fall down or got fainted in the middle of the race. But that didn’t stop me from running, Instead I took it as a challenge to prove to them that they’re wrong. Because of that, unexpectedly, I finished 3rd place with a time of 13:59. It’s like I’m dreaming. Maybe I’m just lucky. My Family is very Proud of me Most specially my Grandpa who is waiting for me Outside the House. The fact that I was not feeling well at that time when my grandpa wake me up @ 3a; still I manage to run. all I can say is Believe, While others are Doubting.

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