7-Day Marathon at KM 0 Cebu Capitol (Dec. 12-18, 2012)

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I’m a bit hesitant to share the 7-day Marathon of Napoleon dela Torre to every one. As they say that running can be NOT for everyone, so how much more doing a marathon for seven straight days???

But as Napoleon dela Torre said,

“The best thing I learned in 2012 is that TIME should not just be SPENT WISELY but also to be WASTED WISELY…”

Well, joining the 7-day or even for just 1 day of it will be a wise way of spending or wasting your time. So for those interested to join, or for those who simply wants to witness and support it, following are the details:


Start/finish venue: Capitol KM 0 (ZERO), in front of the Cebu Capitol Building

Run time: 3am (So be there earlier.)

The group’s target time to finish is 7 hours per marathon.

Day 1 to plantation bay km 21 then back
Day 2 to BE Resort area Km 21 then back
Day 3 to Liloan km 21 then back
Day 4 to Naga km 21 then back
Day 5 to Talamban area km 21 then back
Day 6 to Cantipla Area Km 21 then back
Day 7 to Guadalupe – Toong – Buhisan. This will probably be 2 loops – uphill and downhill.


So it looks like the first 4 days will be road runs, then the last 3 days will be an on-off road runs which will bring you to the “mountain” areas of Cebu City.

To join this, no registration fees. Simply show up at the KM 0 marker right in front of the Cebu Capitol Hall Building. This is a no-frills running event. Make sure to bring your own hydration items, or money (1-peso coins will be handy for the ATMs), or nanny. And, don’t forget to bring lots of guts. If you want a medal, bring one with you too; your mates will surely be happy to award it to you at KM 0.

KM 0 marker, Cebu Capitol, starting area of the 7-day marathon

Joseph Prince Baltazar, ironman 140.6

Take 2, if you are still having a hard time figuring out where is KM 0.

KM 0 marker of cebu province

Dennis Igloria, ultra runner

The confirmed people who will be joining the whole 7-day stretch are:

Napoleon dela Torre (leader)
Lyra Valles
Joseph Prince Baltazar
Joel Garganera

There will be no medals and loot bags. But I can guarantee that:
* KM 0 will have a new meaning in your life.
* A little craziness from your mates might rubbed on you.
* It may not “look” glorious.
* Add your own here.


Here is a short Q&A with the winged runner, Napoleon dela Torre, who came up with this. This is probably not the first of his crazy running-related activities he had done. But this might be the first one (or one of the fews) which he openly shared with others.

Runroo: What / why made you decide to do a 7-day marathon? Is this part of your training for an upcoming big race — breaking your 18-hour finish at Vibram or you’ll be pushing to join your ultimate runs, La Ultra or Polar Arctic, next year?

Nap: The 7 day marathon…
1) The most important purpose is for weight loss.
2) It’s something new.
3) Pushing the idea that marathons can be done silently or for personal consumption.
4) Introducing the idea that it’s okay NOT to have medal running a marathon (waste of metal ore and it destroys the environment). Medals should be for something special like 100K and beyond, and for below 100k for podium finishers only. This way we delay the destruction of the environment.

Runroo: You have done a lot of crazy stuff in running, like dragging tires during a Cebu City Marathon. What you think is the craziest activity you had done for running or related to running?

Nap: The craziest was feeling my heart going to explode during the HongKong Vibram 100 this year. My target time was to finish in sub-20 hours of that race. But halfway, I conclusively gave up the idea when I made one wrong turn, which made me lost an equivalent of 3 to 4 km. And, it was the same spot I almost got lost in 2011.

To make up for that wrong turn, I pushed hard and punished myself for that mistake to the point that I could literally hear my heart beating rapidly. Because of fear that my heart would explode, I placed my right hand on my chest and pressed it.

I wanted to quit at that point but  I pressed on. The result was a surprise — 18 hours and some less than 30 min.

Added note: Nap finished it in 18 hours, which qualified him for a silver trophy. (More story from Michelle So here >>). 

Runroo: This 2013, what will be your major races?

It will be TNF 100 and CUC LEG 3.

Runroo: What are your realizations this year?

My realization for 2012 is it’s best to be consistent with practice but if you slack off make sure you know when to bounce back, in life and in running.


So do you want a slack or a bounce to end your 2012?

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