Where do people run? Summary of Entries for CCM 2013 Registration Giveaway

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The goal of this promo, CCM 2013 race kits giveaway, is for us to have a peek of where people run, as we are curious and fascinated as to where runners are taken by their feet.

Runroo was started by 4 programmers who wanted to see a different view aside from their codes on their monitor, day in and day out and even in their dreams, that they randomly thought of going around Cebu on foot. Then, 1 journalist friend, Armie Garde, joined them who said she’s going to help in their big goal by writing them down on an online diary, which is now the runroo.com.

programmer runners in cebu, philippines

the 1010 left-breained people, programmers

They started at KM 0 in August, 2011, and ended their weekend runs every 25KM (more or less 3 towns).

runner journalist of cebu, philippines, maria armie garde

now with the right brain, journalist

Finally, in December, 2011, they’re back at where they started KM 0 with more friends.


We’re happy that we got a good interesting number of entries of places where people run. We’ll try to present all the wonderful submissions of running grounds / routes / places / spots, as they’re gift meant to be shared.

From Outside Philippines

Entry from Germany showed us that they run there with helmet on their heads, view entry here. =)

sondershausen, germany running place

An Ungo runner was running or swimming at Kota Kinabalu, view entry here.

kota kinabalu race

But the entries of running places around Philippines that we gathered showed that we can not to be outdone by the imported running grounds.

From Luzon

The mountain beauty of Mankayan, Benguet (Entries 4 and 5, view it here and here.):
MANKAYAN, BENGUET running ground


The scenic road-view of Tanay, Rizal, view entry here.

Tanay, Rizal

Then to the road running of Metro Manila, view entry here.

buendia ave, makati, metro manila running route

From Mindanao

Before we present the Visayas entries, we’ll share the running grounds of Mindanao first.

From the place of Manny Pacquaio, view General Santos City entry here.

brgy mabuhay, general santos city trail run place

Running on concrete or dirt road or pineapple plantaion, views in Bukidnon are just awesome, views entry here , here, and here. (Malaybalay, Bukidnon had their 1st marathon this June, 2012, which you might want to watch out next year.)

impasug-ong running ground

Impasug-ong, Bukidnon (There’s that Angel Locsin movie shoot here.)

malaybalay, bukidnon

Malaybalay, Bukidnon

manolo fortich, bukidnon, pineapple plantation running place

Del Monte Pineapple Fields

 For Visayas

Here is Boracay kind of running. View entry here.

boracay, philippines running destination

How about crossing San Juanico Bridge of Leyte / Samar, view entry here.

i shall return, leyte ultra marathon philippines

And, finally for Cebu, here’s a not-so quick look of where people in Cebu go out and run. We have to skip posting some entries as we could not fit them all here.

If you feel adventurous and you wanted to ride a boat first before getting a run, here’s Olango Island — running and island hopping in one entry here. Entry comes with complete map and directions on how to go to Olango Island.

running around Olango Islad, total of 24+ KM, cebu, philippines

Click to enlarge

Busay, Cebu City has the most entries. It’s a quick getaway from the hustles and bustles of city life, I guess this makes this place a favorite. Not to mention it’s added extra challenge of being an uphill route. Three entries here, here, and here.

busay, cebu city, running destination

Photo by James Go

 If you don’t want to go up to Busay, you can run at IT Park in Lahug, view entry here.

IT Park, Cebu City, running ground destination

Photo by James Go

Another park you might want to go for a quick run in Cebu is Cebu Memorial Park (CEMPARK), view here.

cempark running destination in cebu

Feel getting some speedwork done or start running, Cebu City Sports Complex is the place, entry here.

Or, you can simply go around in the streets of Metro Cebu, like Hiway, Mandaue, view here.

hiway, mandaue

If you want a change from road running, how about bridge running the famous the Three Bridges of Cebu which would take you to 3 towns of Cebu (Mandaue, Lapulapu, and almost to Consolacion), view here and here.

three bridges route of cebu running destination

If people in the north of Metro Cebu have Three Bridges, people down south of Talisay have South Road Properties (SRP) where it’s part of Cebu City Marathon route, entry here.

srp, talisay, cebu running destination

Following is not a running destination in Cebu, but a lot of submitted picture entries are taken by this guy.  Running experience will be much better if you see this guy with his gears, view entry here.

reynan opada, cebu running photographer

Liloan, Cebu has a lot of nooks where you can have a quick or long run, view entries here, here, and here. Thus, it’s not a wonder why Exterra Trail Run is held here.

lataban, liloan, cebu running destination

Lataban, Liloan

mulao, liloan, cebu running destination

Mulao, Liloan

Going further north of Liloan is Carmen, entry here.

 ipil, carmen, cebu running destination

 Or, how about go down south, then go up to the highest peak of Cebu, Osmena Peak, Dalaguete, entry here.

running to osmena peak, dalaguete, cebu

 Or when we thought that Moalboal, Cebu is all about beaches, entry here.

moalboal, cebu running destination

Or that Badian, Cebu is Kawasan Falls, entry here and another Badian entry here.

badian, cebu running destination

Lambug, Badian

 That Toledo, Cebu is not only the home of TAD (Toledo Adik sa Dagan) runners, but it has some hidden beautiful trails, entry here and here, here.

toledo, cebu trails running destination

There are still a lot of entries from Cebu but the above entries can already give you a feel of how it is to come here, and have a run.

For the summary of entries with the initial counts of LIKES / RTs / comments, click here. Scores here do not include yet the other plus points like the story, map / GPS trace.

For the participants, kindly double check the numbers of points. Feel free to message us at facebook or email at welove@runroo.com for corrections.

For non-participants, you can go click on the links, and give them one more like before we’ll end the giving of likes / RTs / Comments.

Winners will be declared tomorrow, once we’re done counting and deliberating.


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