kawasan, badian, cebu run

Badian, Cebu: Entry 44 for Free CCM 2013 Registration Promo

kawasan, badian, cebu run

Story: For me life is simply just running,there are many obstacles coming your way still you continue to run to reach for the finish line.My life is not perfect; I am married with a husband and 3 children.Early in my marriage i thought it was perfect but there is no such thing us perfect as so they say, until i have experienced it on my own my husband cheated when i was pregnant to my 3rd child,.i feel down that time and kept on blaming myself i get deppressed and failed my 2 consecutive Nursing Licensure Exam..I dont want to go out i get so very irretable my world really stops because of deppression,.I kept on praying I went to church secretly talking to him,..why you allowed this bad things happens to me,.Until one day GOD really touches my Heart slowly takes away my deppression through my friends and my family and heals my brokenheart. my husband on his side feels sorry for what he has done and effortly win me back for our children.We register for fun run almost everyweek, this serves as our quality time together with the help of GOD family and friends and especially RUNNING i feel a champion in my own, when I reach the finish line not only in running but in my life..


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