Letting go of my redemption ultra

by Armie Garde

I am supposed to be one of the 145 ultra runners who pounded the roads of Alcoy and Santander in southern Cebu in a 100-kilometer race last Saturday, November 17, but fate had it as I ended up spending the whole day in bed, battling with body pains and fever.

Last weekend’s ultra-marathon was the second leg of the tri-series 100K ultramarathon organized by the Think Tank group, who are all members of the Cebu Ultrarunners Club (CUC).

Barely two weeks before the race, after I decided not to pursue it, I was anxious at what better way to do with my slot — shall I raffle it or shall I give it to someone who is willing. I prayed to Daddy God to help me find the person who deserves the slot. And He did.

During the Ungo Halloween Night run photo op, Tita Cora Quiamco, who was right beside me, asked about my Leg 2 plan. I told her I’m backing out because I wasn’t prepared physically. I asked her back the same question and she told me she didn’t register. So, I offered my slot to her and she said she’ll think about it.

Two days after that, I asked her again and she finally made her decision. She accepted my slot and opened the door leading to her first 100K.

Q and A:

R: Why decide to run ultra?
Tita Cora: The more I love running the more I want to try longer distances.

What motivate you to keep running ultramarathon?
Tita Cora: I think the only reason is since I am able to run and this capability always pushes me to run ultramarathon.

Why run a 100K ultramarathon?
Tita Cora: Just to test and prove to myself that I can.

How did you prepare for it?
Tita Cora: Actually I have a short span of preparation for this but even before I decided to run this, I’ve already been doing my long distance run during weekend, short slow run every other day, more food intake (protein and carbohydrates), and most of all long hours of sleep.

The race started at 6 p.m. on Saturday in the coastal town of Alcoy, one of the best places to run in the south. I ran it last year with the rest of the Runroo during our Tour de Cebu.

The 100-kilometer route passes through the historical towns of Santander, Boljoon and Oslob. The race ended at the Bodo Bamboo Bar Resort back in Alcoy.

Compared to Leg 1 in Pinamungahan in west Cebu that gathered 119 runners, Leg 2 gathered 124 male and female runners from various parts of Asia.

Post-Race Results

Andy Tuñacao, who was 7th placer in Leg 1, grabbed the first place in the men’s division last weekend. He finished in 10:32.58. Placing at second is Archie Alvarado who clocked in at 11:23.34 and at third is Lowell Batulan with a time of 11:41.22.

In the women’s division, Rhodora Oporto who was Leg 1’s third placer, decrowned defending champion Virgie Parajenog. Oporto clocked in at 13:27.27. Next to her is Preciousa Sanchez who finished in 13:52.02, and Parajenog in 14:17.06.


It’s not enough that you want something. You need to work for it – HARD. It’s not enough that you dream for something. You have to make it real and give your commitment – FULLY. It’s not enough that you plan. You have to RUN the plan out – with all your heart, mind, soul and body. I let go of my redemption plan because I knew everything wasn’t enough – my preparations, effort and time – and I knew that had I joined, I would have ended up crying again at KM 88 or even before I reach there as I whisper the word “DNF” — and that isn’t the goal.

Another thing, I also realized that some people are really more deserving of some opportunities around us. These are the people who have worked and are working harder.

It really feels great to be part of someone’s fulfillment and happiness. Yes, I didn’t make it this time, but my Tita Cora did and she finished it safely and sound. Her happiness and fulfillment are my happiness too.

Congratulations, Tita Cora! Congratulations to all the finishers of the CUC 100 Leg 2 and to all the people behind its success.

Get ready for LEG 3! Soon.

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