My Intimate Conversation with Cebu City Marathon 2013

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by Rose Buenconsejo

CCM 2013: Hi. Cebu City Marathon 2013 is now open for registration! Official race date is January 13, 2013!

Me: Yehey! I’ve been waiting for you since the ‘ber’ month started. As I wanted to gift you to myself, and a few friends, and a few running enthusiasts I know of. You know, I’m a fan girl. I even gush about my CCM 2012 (story here>>), which I wasn’t excited at first.

So where can I register? How much? Tell me now puhleaseeeee! I’m EXCITEDDDDD!

CCM 2013:  Registration sites are same as before. The usual online registration at website, then you can also go to Active Zone at Ayala, Cebu.

Registration fees are:

cebu city marathon (ccm) 2013 registration fee rates for 42k, 21k, 5k

[Note: CCM 2012 registration fees were: 42K P1000 (P1200 for late), 21K P700 (P900 for late)]

Me: (Blushing, something like in an awkward moment.) Huh? Medyo natuk-an ko da.

Mmmmm…Wait. So this looks like I have to scratch the plans of gifting my friends with CCM race kits, and those runners who I think deserve some free ticket to the race. This is a bit of a heartbreak.

Oh, shet! I might even scratch myself from joining it too to give way to a more deserving person.

CCM, you know, I LOVE LOVE LOVE you very much! I really would love to see you very successful and all. And, I understand that, at the end of the day, it’s business. As a Cebuano, I would be very proud to see you successful at it because, surely, there would be ripple effects that Cebu can benefit of — boost to tourism and running scene, create jobs for others, etc etc. We will be adding running to our Sinulog and lechon fame. Hopefully, it will help out the elite runners to be sustainable going fulltime with their passion.

But why?

CCM 2013: Because I know you will still register whatever the price is. Kidding.

The increased in price will be for your good. We are aiming to be certified by AIMS (Association of International Marathons). This would cost us a bit so we need your help. But then it’s very worth it because you will have the bragging rights that you have run a race that is internationally acclaimed. It puts the P on PRESTIGE.

Me: Oh, so it’s that very state-of-the-art timing chip which can record every corner’s split time again that’s adding to the cost??!

CCM 2013: Partly. But this timing chip is very good because it has been used by other internationally acclaimed races.

Me: So it will be another bragging right for me that I have the same timing chip that of Boston Marathon??!

CCM 2013: Oh, yes! Good that you mention Boston Marathon. Once Cebu City Marathon will be AIMS-certified, you can be automatically BQ.

Me: What, DQ??? Disqualified?

CCM 2013: No. BQ. B as in bobo, Q as in QT del Mar. BOSTON QUALIFIER! You can just race here then, use your result to apply to qualify for Boston Marathon. At your age, you just need to run your marathon at 3:35, then instantly, you will qualify to run the most prestigious international marathon in the whole wide world.

So what was your PR last CCM 2012?

Me (in meek voice): 7:22.

CCM 2013: Oh. At age 80+ category, you only need a 5:25 time.

But as I said, it will be our Cebu’s pride to have an AIMS-certified marathon. More international runners and elite runners will come here. Everyone will benefit, as you said.  

Me: I understand. But then how about those NOT international runners like me, and the usual Joes and Janes suspects at weekend running events? You no longer like us? 

CCM 2013: Yes, we do consider that. It was not an easy decision. But at this point, if we want to level up, we cannot please everyone.

Me: But to be clear that I do understand the bigger reason for raising the fee, and I’m willing to pay for it. But I’m just a bit disheartened that I may NOT see some of the familiar faces I see during weekend races on that very big day, Cebu City Marathon 2013. I guess all of them, people in their own businesses, to those in IT Parks, in MEPZ, and to my suki bingka seller at Polpogan are looking forward to it. I’ll be sad to not see them just because of the fee. And, even those who are planning to give away sponsorship are thinking twice.

I wonder what is the percentage of CCM participants who really care about running an AIMS-certified race or not. Like me, I just want to run CCM to show my love for Cebu, to feel the warmth of Cebuanos on that day. I don’t run CCM because it’s some AIM-certified churva race. I run it because it’s not like other marathons. And, I think, almost close to majority have the same sentiments as mine.

It makes me wonder — what was Cebu City Marathon’s original goal? Was it to become AIMS-certified and be part of the who’s who of international races? Was it for the pure love of running? Was it to see more Cebuano’s and other Filipinos enjoy running than foreigners?

CCM 2013: Any way, we don’t force anyone to register.

Me: Yes. But, do count me in. I’m supporting you, for the LOVE of Cebu.

Hopefully, you’ll have an outstanding number of participants that will get the attention of very big possible sponsors. So hopefully, next time, sponsors will pour in, and registration fee will at least no longer increase. Of course, nothing is free right as we all be a running advertisements for them. But if big sponsors will make the race fee friendlier to the locals, I’ll be more than willing to stick their logos on my forehead while running.

Hay, I guess you are now a big celebrity.

(This conversation is imaginary.  No conversation ever happened between me and the Cebu City Marathon 2013. I just made this up to console myself that P1400 is indeed an okay fee for the love of Cebu!)


We will be giving away free race kits to Cebu City Marathon 2013. We will announce it soon. Just kindly give us time to go through our non-existent budget as to how many we can afford to give away. =) We really love to see everyone at CCM 2013, not because it’s prestigious and internationally-acclaimed race, but because we want you to experience the warmth of Cebu and its people!

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Rose Buenconsejo is an ultramarathon runner mom-of-three, who loves pounding the trails of Cebu, Philippines. She writes ‘thoughts from the foot’ at

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  1. Mhalou 19 October, 2012 at 10:00 am #

    expensive *gasp*

  2. journeyingjames 19 October, 2012 at 10:20 am #

    nice one! i love the imaginary conversation.
    have a blast and train well for your marathon

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