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Milo Marathon Cebu 2012: Team Igloria – Warrior and his daughters

by Rose Buenconsejo

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Milo Marathon‘s advocacy is to help create more dreams and more champions. By giving shoes to the children, Milo means to inspire them to chase their dreams and desires, to which they have been successful as the advocacy has reached 19, 700 school children beneficiaries.  And with Milo Marathon’s number of participants getting bigger every year, they deserve the credit that they are indeed inspiring people to run and go beyond.

While Milo has been helping in realizing the dreams of thousands of children on a nationwide scale, in the little corner of Talisay (Cebu),  Dennis Igloria and his 2 young daughters, Ivy Denise May Igloria and Denise Ariel Igloria, are inspiring each other to run, to get more fit and healthy. 

This father-daughters tandem is part of the 21,796 registrants of the 36th National Milo Marathon Cebu eliminations leg  this Sunday (October 7, 2012). They will run in the 5K category of Milo Marathon, which will be their 3rd official race together.
Dennis Igloria with her daughters will be running for Milo Marathon 2012 Cebu Leg

Team Igloria’s 1st official race together

While some runners inspire you to go fast, some motivate you to endure, some push you to go beyond limits, we’re sharing the Team Igloria story to inspire you to become an inspiration to others.

Following is a quick interview Runroo had with Igloria online. Here he talks about how he and her daughters got into running, and how he ended up in ultra running.

Runroo: Why running?

Dennis: Why running? My main motivation is because I am not healthy. I am overweight, borderline (high) BP, and sedentary at work. Plus, my mom has a renal disease, which I fear I might end up having, too so I bought my first cheap pair of shoes and started running.

Second, I was inspired by two people, Kevin Hacey Camacho and her aunt Dinah Camacho, both a runner posting their training runs and race photos on Facebook, and I could see the progress they made and how they lose weight. I said, “If they can do it why can’t I? I am sure God created us equal so I must be able to do what they are doing.”

Runroo: Did you consciously convince your kids to run? Or, they got inspired by your actions?

Dennis: Both of the girls joined me on my first three days when I started running around middle of May this year. But it was all their idea; no convincing needed. I think they love to see me run.

But I believe they were more inspired to see girls of their age running and making the podium. Somehow, this excites my eldest daughter to run faster. She told me that she was 2nd place at school for running 100m last week. I said to myself, “Wow I think I have awakened the runner in her. My only goal for them on running is just to get healthy and beat the couch.”

Runroo: What do your kids look forward to when they run or join races?

Dennis: The distance, the time, the singlets, and the pictures, especially the pictures.

Both of them have expressed interest joining TCRC (Talisay City Runners Club) but I told them that they have to run an official 10k race before they can be a member. Now they are looking forward to run 10k just to be in TCRC. Hahahahaha

Runroo: In running with your kids, were there times that they feel quitting or hit the “the wall”?

Dennis: Arielle complained a little bit of pain on her lower left stomach at 4km mark during our 5k run on Smoke Free Run 2. I told her that’s because she ran too fast too soon.

On our early days of running, they did but they both would not like to quit; they just keep on walking.

team igloria, father and daughter tandem joining the milo marathon cebu leg 2012

Runroo: Fondest running moment you had with your kids?

Dennis: The fondest was our first race (Sonshine Radio 3K category). It was the best feeling to see my daughters grab their first ribbon at the turning point, and clocking in 25 minutes (unofficial time). They seem so happy to get hold of the yellow yarn.

These kids runs faster than me and I had to keep calling their attention not to go far ahead of me, and they kept yelling back, “Hinaya nimo pa oi!” Hahahahaha I just tell them “pang ULTRA ni nga PACE!”

team igloria for milo marathon cebu leg 2012

Runroo: How did you end up running a 50KM?

Dennis: My first 50km ultra run all started with Kevin. He challenged me to run The Warrior 50. He said that since I had already ran two half-marathons I should be able to run 50km without a problem. I was hesitant at first but he was so good at convincing so I gave in. hahahahaha.

Kevin was also the reason why I ran my first half-marathon on Run Pinoy Glory. I was only planning to run the 16k as you did because of the medal for that category — running for the blings? — but next thing I know I was already registered for 21k.

Kevin just finished the CUC Leg 1 100k that time so he was limping; so I thought that if he could make it I should be able to as I have no injury that time. hahahahahahaha

So ULTRA running? Blame it on Kevin. hehehehehe

Runroo: How do you compare finishing a half-marathon or an ultra with finishing a 5K with your 2 daughters?

Dennis: Running with my kids is more of an emotional experience. I love these kids very much so it’s a very nice feeling for a father to see his kids having a great time with you.

Running an ultra is a different feeling. It’s more on conquering stress, doubts, pain, even sanity. It’s a different beast, but I love to do it again.

Dennis Igloria, finisher of the warrior ultra marathon 50km, cebu, philippines

Photo by Reynan Opada

Inspiration. I believe aside from success in finishing and getting PRs in races, runners also felt great accomplishment when they’re able to inspire others. Team Igloria certainly showed that we don’t need to be a Milo to inspire.


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Rose Buenconsejo is an ultramarathon runner mom-of-three, who loves pounding the trails of Cebu, Philippines. She writes ‘thoughts from the foot’ at

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