1st All-Women Ultramarathon 50K

The Race

They say that this is the first all-women ultra race in the whole world. Though I doubt that, since the native Tarahumans have been holding their own traditional all-women races since I don’t know when. I think I’ll just leave it as the first ever all women’s ultra race in the Philippines, or Asia.

The route was 50kms long which went around Cebu city, then to the Mandaue city bridges and finally to a beach resort in Lapu Lapu.

The Runners

3 members of Runnroo joined the race: Rose, Odina and Armie. Special congratulations to Odina for joining her first ultra! She was blessed with cramps and dark thoughts the whole way, and she powered through them all. Also a special congratulations to Rose, for getting well into the cutoff time for the first time! Nothing new with Armie though, I think the run was no challenge to her. 😀 All of them finished fine, no injuries, just tears of fatigue and happiness. Congratulations runnroo, for bagging another race.

The Support Crew

The rest of us served as support crew, though this time we served as an official water station!

We were stationed at kilometer 20. But after all the runners have passed us by we still had a LOT of supplies left. So we went along the route to see if we could find another spot to serve runners.

We found it at kilometer 45. It was by the highway just beside the airstrip of Mactan Airport. We chose this spot because there were no establishments nearby like convenient stores or sari2x stores which could help out runners. Also the view of the road, the sky, and the airstrip was very nice.

I think we did a fine job as a water station. A lot of runners were very grateful that we had ice cold water. They would throw away all the water they were carrying, and refill it with ours. Joseph also got his “mamasahe ug legs…” wish and was able to massage almost every single ultra lady’s legs. 😀

The End

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