Xterra Trail Run 21k

by Paolo Granada Lim

Handsome Runnroo boys: The Runnroo manager Mark John Buenconsejo (Vaseline Man) with the Silent Jogger Paolo G. Lim.

The downhills were painful. I ran them like a maniac. The uphills were a welcome site, since I can have the excuse to walk. Coral turned rocks were bent on spraining you, I was so glad I chose my shoes instead of sandals for this run.

Runners were super fast. There were only 118 runners for the 21k category. I just told myself I just have to make it, run soft and easy. Always bend knees, stop running if I start to feel serious pain. So I was pretty surprised that I got a good time.

Xterra Garmin record

I finished 2hrs 39mins. It’s a new PR, and I’m proud of it. Though I started to cramp up by km 14, I still finished fine and injury-free. I forgot to stop my garmin, because when I arrived at the finish line I saw a shower and went directly to it. So now I got 3:11 on the time (whoa, amber is the color of your energy).

Photos by our Runnroo runner-photographer: Fred Baa

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