Tour de Cebu 2011 Accommodations

Here are the places you can stay in when you’re planning to circle Cebu on foot.

Stage: 4
Where: Dalaguete, Cebu
When: August 27, 2011
Room rate:  P1400 good for 10 people
Air conditioned: Yes

Rockwalled is a nice small resort in Dalaguete.

We stayed in a huge room with two beds (each one good for 2 people), 2 couches, a coffee table, a TV, a dining table, a kitchen (with an oven, not sure if it worked), a refrigerator (didn’t work), and a bathroom. It’s easily the best accommodation in the whole tour.


Club Fort Med
Stage: 5
Where: Boljoon, Cebu
When: September 3, 2011
Room rate: P1000 good for 2 people (additional P200 per person)
Air conditioned: No

Club Fort Med is a high-end resort in Boljoon. And by high-end I mean the rooms are expensive. Their standard rooms cost P1400 (good for 2), so we asked if there’s anything cheaper. So they let us stay in this sort of cabin for Padi divers, with one bed (good for 2 people), a makeshift table, and a bathroom.


Pilario Castillo Inn
Stage: 6
Where: Oslob
When: September 10, 2011
Room rate: P500 good for 2 people
Air conditioned: No

Pilario Castillo is a small Inn. It is very convenient to have a lodging house in this part of Cebu, which is a very rural place.

We only have a few pics of the room, I think it’s because there was nothing spectacular about it. But the Inn keeper was friendly and very accommodating.


Gorion Beach Resort
Stage: 7
Where: Samboan, Cebu
When: September 17, 2011
Room Rate: (a) P1000 good for 4 people (b) P1200 good for 2 people
Air conditioned: Yes

Gorion Beach Resort is one of the few places in Samboan where you can stay overnight. I know, the rates are funny, that’s because the rooms here have different owners.

I would recommend the first room (a) because it’s much cheaper and more cozy.

But the second room (b) has a common area with bamboo couches, dining table, TV and refrigerator (not sure if it worked). Also, right outside is a bamboo cottage with a grill and washing area — perhaps the reason why the room is more expensive.

De Alegre Apartelle
Stage: 8
Where: Alegria, Cebu
When: September 24, 2011
Room Rate: P700 good for 2 people
Air conditioned: Yes

De Alegre Apartelle in Alegria is a nice lodging house fronting the sea. It has nice rooms. The common area has a TV, and the dining area has a nice view of the beach.


Rocho Lodge
Stage: 9
Where: Dumanjug, Cebu
When: October 1, 2011
Room Rate: P600 good for 5 people
Air conditioned: Yes

Rocho lodge is a very cheap but nice accommodation in Dumanjug. For only P600 the room already has an air conditioner. There are 2 single beds that we combined to accommodate 3 people. Then there’s a couch-bed transformer that could fit 2 people. There are also nice cottages outside, nice for siestas.


Aleu’s Lodge
Stage: 11
Where: Toledo, Cebu
When: October 15, 2011
Room Rate: P1050 good for 7 people
Air conditioned: Yes

Aleu’s lodge is a nice lodging house in Toledo. The rate is also very cheap. We stayed in a room with 4 single beds. They also didn’t charge us for the extra foams! It was very nice of them. The room also has cabinets, a TV and a big CR.


La Familia Resort
Stage: 13
Where: Tabuelan, Cebu
When: October 29, 2011
Room Rate: (a) P2500 good for 4 people or more (b) P? good for 2 people (forgot the price)
Air conditioned: Yes

La Familia resort in Tabuelan is another high-end resort. The room we stayed in (room A) was too huge and very nice. The room has 2 big beds, a bamboo couch and 2 tables. It could accommodate 10 people. Sadly, we don’t have a picture of what it looks inside. The other room (room B) has 2 single beds.

The resort has lots of cottages, and the beach is beautiful.

Tomasa Lodge
Stage: 14
Where: San Remigio
When: November 5, 2011
Room Rate: P1200 good for 5 people (including additional foams)
Air conditioned: Yes

Tomasa lodge is a cheap lodging house near the beach in San Remigio. The room has single big bed, so we rented additional foams. There is a karaoke bar right beside the rooms, so there is a tendency that it will be noisy during the night. We did not have any other pics since it was also an ordinary lodging house. But the beach is very nice, especially during the night.

Tomasa Lodging House

Catmon Community Multi Purpose Cooperative
Stage: 15
Where: Catmon, Cebu
When: November 26, 2011
Room Rate: P870 good for 3 (including additional foam)
Air conditioned: Yes

Catmon Community Multi Purpose Cooperative is like a compound. Aside from the lodging rooms, there are sari2x stores, a barbeque eatery, and a school!

I think the room cost 700 and the additional foam costs 170. The rooms are on the 2nd floor of the building and it has a terrace. It had 1 big bed and a TV.

We don’t have any proper pictures of the room. I’m not sure why. Maybe because we were so excited to run 30kms. 😀


Hunahuna Beach Resort
Stage: 16
Where: Catmon, Cebu
When: December 3, 2011
Room Rate: (a) P2000 good for 2 people (b) P1000 good for 2 people
Air conditioned: (a) Yes (b) No

Hunahuna Resort in Catmon was the most expensive tourdecebu accommodation, but also very nice.

The air conditioned rooms have 1 big bed and big floorspace for an extra foam. One air conditioned room was especially nice because it has a terrace fronting the sea. Outside there are open cottages, and a very beautiful viewing deck.

The non-air conditioned rooms also has 1 big bed and could accommodate an additional foam. The room has a fan, so it isn’t that hot inside. These rooms don’t have CR, but the common one near the rooms is nice and huge!


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