Habagat Ultra Trail Run 50K

When you push yourself beyond the limits, amazing shit happens.

Every simple thing you do will mean the world. Every breath, every step, every drop of sweat that slides down your forehead, every gulp of water, all of these tiny events become heavenly. You’re still doing the same thing you’ve been doing all along, but somehow now every little step you take feels like a great achievement.

It’s amazing. The moment you surpass what you’ve previously accomplished. You become someone else. It feels like anything is possible, and only you can make it happen.

You break everything everyone (including you) has thought about what you can do. You are in full control of what happens from this moment on. You just have to keep on going.

Sometimes we all need a reminder that anything is possible. That the limits we impose on ourselves are just excuses to keep us sane, or comfortable, or safe.

Congratulations to my friends Jimbo Cortes, Marie Armie Garde and Rose Buenconsejo for pushing everyone’s expectations on what is possible beyond the limits.

Photos by Fred Baa

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