Paolo’s notes on Tour de Cebu Route 10

Inital date: October 9

Notes on the route:

  • A large portion of the route is off-road. If you have not tried running off-road, please start practicing now. The technique with running trails is to take shorter strides. more info here:
  • There are some steep downhills. These might be ok on a regular day, but it can be very slippery if it rains.
  • There is not much civilization. I counted only about 3-4 sari2x stores along the way. And we’re not even sure if they have mineral water. So we will have to rely on mobile support to bring our water and food. My brother has already agreed to accompany us.
  • We have decided not to run this course during the dark, because it is too dangerous. So that means we will have to endure the heat of the sun (or the rain, or both).
  • The run will be more than 25km long, it’s going to be about 27km at least, since we’re not sure if we recorded the distance right. The km road markers I also noticed are not complete. So be sure to pace with someone who has a gps tracker.


  • Conserve your water. Practice drinking less water while running. Take small constant gulps during the whole run. I usually take one gulp after every two 4-1 cycles, just enough to keep the mouth wet. Then I drink more during stopovers. Don’t drink too much water before the run. This will make you feel heavy and make it hard to breathe.
  • Maintain pace. The correct pace is when you can still breathe normally, and can still carry a conversation. Remember, this is not a sprint, this is a half marathon, which means it won’t be over in just 5 mins, it could last to almost 5 hours. Most often, beginning runners who join us always comment that we are very slow, and then after 1-2 hours of running, they end up walking the rest of the run. How fast your pace is at the start of the run, should also be the same when you finish it. I learned this from armie and joseph when I also started distance running.
  • Find a pace buddy. It does not matter if you run fast or slow, as long as you can maintain it, and having company helps. Running alone is dangerous, especially with this kind of route. And most important, having company keeps spirits high. I will be a sweeper for this run, so I will keep watch for the people behind.
  • Prepare mentally. For this stage, it will be dangerous if you decide to quit in the middle of the run, as there are no public transportation on this route. There is space in our mobile support for 4 passengers, but it’s better to reserve that for emergencies. So please prepare mentally, not just to finish the run, but to run the whole route in good condition (maintaining pace, no injuries)

If you have comments/corrections/questions please say them now.

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