You had run with Runnroo if…

Rose Buenconsejo shares some realizations after joining the Runnroo. 🙂

You had run with Runnroo if…

– you had hugged a KM (kilometer) post

Maria Armie Sheila Garde - cebu-based journalist / runner

Tour de Cebu requirement — posing with the KM marker

– you had realized that a picture with the KM marker is as important as group hug,

Tour de Cebu Stage 4 - long distance running in cebu, philippines

Tour de Cebu Stage 4 starting line

…and as important as your water.

marie armie sheila grande -- photo journalist based in cebu, philippines

Forget your water but not your KM-marker picture.

– you had looked forward to Armie’s pose in front of the camera, and…

armie garde - natural posing


behind the camera.

marie armie sheila garde - cebu, philippines - based photo journalist

proof that she can also pose behind the cam

– and, well, if you had learned a pose or two from Armie.

Joseph Alquizola -- ultra marathoner in Cebu, Philippines

Armie’s better half in his ‘warat’ shoes

Odina Abellana -- Cebu-based (Philippines) programmer and runner

Odina – finally catching up. Ayn the contender.

What else? Share. =)

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