I finally have a moniker! :D

I was thinking long and hard about my moniker. I’ve asked a couple of people, one of them being fellow Runnroo, Jean, and she told me to call myself odd things like The Bully Runner or The Pathetic Runner.She must have misheard me and thought I was asking what she wanted to call herself. (Hi Jean! :D)

As I’m writing this, Our Lady Peace is playing in the background and I’m having a bit of trouble concentrating because I really love this band. This is exactly the reason why I bring my MP3 player on every run, I can’t concentrate on the pain and the other things around me that add to it when there’s good music passing through my ears. This is not unusual, I think. I know of one, at least, who has the exact same logic I have on why she would want to bring a player to a run.

You hear similar solutions to any one given thing, and long-distance running is not an exception to the rule. Some people overcome the pain by looking at their surroundings, taking pictures, using it as a form of prayer, and even by thinking they could beat out a couple more people in the race if they ran faster. There are no right or wrong reasons to giving it your all on the road. There’s just you, the road and the reasons that get you through the internal chaos quite common to strenuous activities.

On the road, I don’t think about everything. I think about anything. There’s a numbness to myself, and a strong affinity to everything else. I feel some things more clearly like the wind, and shade from trees and the clouds and am thankful they’re there in the heat of day. Nothing’s waiting for me at the end because I’m not running to prove anything or to make a point, I don’t even have any particularly awe-inspiring reason why I’m joining this crazy thing. At some point in the run, I don’t really care because I could simply go on forever with just me, the road, and music. Life can be sweet. 😉

– The MP3 Runner

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