The Silent Jogger

Hello my name is Paolo G. Lim and I am a runner.

a picture of me at the great lapu-lapu run

me at the great lapu-lapu run

My running started way back in high school, in the form of leisurely jogs around my hometown, Tagum. But I never took it seriously, or joined any races. This would go on until college here in Cebu, where I’d take jogs to Marco Fernan bridge.

I think I started running to improve my cardio. I used to be asthmatic when I was a kid, so I was always running out of breath.

I got back to running after a year since I started working, mainly to relieve stress and to break from the lazy lifestyle of a programmer. I’d jog around IT park at night after a long day.

It became serious when I joined the Ungo runners, which made me run longer distances (5km). Then I joined a half marathon (21km) a month later. And then came the crazy 18km-30km LSDs. Then recently, I finished my first marathon (42km). All of these happened in the first half of 2011. 😀

What I’ve found out early on is that running is incredibly fun, and even more fun when you have company.

When I’m out running I escape from everything, the worries, the problems, the future. And when you think about nothing but just your breathing and the moving of your feet and the stuff around you, you become a kid again; a kid running and playing and not giving a damn about anything. And that is why running is fun.

I may have started running to improve my health, but now I run to have fun.

I am calling myself the Silent Jogger, because I often go out for my runs without anyone noticing, then people get surprised when I come back sweating. 😀


 Paolo Granada Lim is a programmer and runner based in Cebu City, Philippines. He currently works at He writes about life, work, music, books and travel, among others, at

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  1. longki 12 August, 2011 at 10:22 am #

    “Run Pao Run” =) enjoy running, pao!!!

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