Hello, World! We are the Runroo Five

Running is simple but it’s not easy, but if you ask me why I’m running, I’d tell you “because it’s definitely worth it!

I started running more than a year ago without any thought of doing a half or full marathon, not even a 10 kilometer. I didn’t also promise myself anything mileage-related. I fancied short distances then, like 3K, and I focused on my advocacy. Until I was invited to join the Ungo Runners, where I met new friends and influences — newbie runners like me and awesome elite ones.

Mie-chan's short distances run for a CAUSE.

My first 3K PIA run for a cause; and 5K Looney Tunes run.

I increased my mileage when Joseph Rey Alquisola, the 4-1 Runner, started running with me. He liked it and I already love it, so we made running part of our routine,  until eventually, I made my half marathon and later became an accidental marathoner, and Joseph also made his full and ultra marathons (take note of without proper training) – certified fearless runners.

Cebu City Marathon

We made our first 21K during the Cebu City Marathon 2011.

…and when Joseph and I made a detour for a while (because he spent time with his bike and fellow bikeroo and I with my books), we met these awesome trio: Paolo Lim, Jean Armeza and Odina Abellana.

It didn’t take them a year or two of training before finishing half and full marathons; and no short distance race either. See, I tell you these folks are awesome!

the runnroo

The Runroo. We are.

Joseph, Paolo, Jean, Odina and yours truly are now the Runroo. We run for several reasons but we have a common goal — to be able to share to all the people in the “whole wide world” how awesome running ‘together’ is.

It’s definitely worth it!


Armie Garde the Warat Runnerwho started running ultramarathons at 23 years old, is a multimedia journalist based in Cebu City, Philippines. One of her ultra dreams is to finish BDM 102 and 160. She runs runroo.com.


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  1. Paolo G. Lim 8 August, 2011 at 3:12 am #

    very nice introduction. go runnroo! 🙂

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