After I made by Cebu Marathon 2019 story at the beginning of this year, I made a big promise to run 42KM in 2020 on a 8min/km pace. So finally this week, I registered to Cebu Marathon 2020, 21KM category. It took me awhile to register because I could not see myself committing to a […]

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Post-Rain Morning Run

When I said I run every morning, it’s most likely me just roaming around and taking photos of the plants in the neighborhood like seeing them from being sleepy to fully awake. But it gets extra interesting to see the flower after a rain. I feel like there’s a special glow from them. To the […]

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In Between Running: PRATAy On

Singapore is Roti Prata and Teh Tarik for me. They’re like the perfect combo for PMS episodes. I like my prata dumped with egg, cheese, and mushroom. =) So the first thing I do every time I got the chance to be in SG is to go straight to Upper Thomson where my default go-to […]

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In Between Running: That “Vibe” at Lotus Shores, Siargao

Related story: DO NOTHING After my first experience of Siargao in 2016 (story here >>), I said that I would not come back to this island because I’m scared what would “human / economic development” would bring to the place. At that time, Siargao was starting to become really more popular, and we all know […]

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[Race Story] Pamutan Trail Fest 2019: Kilig Over Kayata

Upcoming trail running event: Cebu Safari Run, Sept. 15, 2019 >> Related stories: Pamutan Marathon 2017: ILAD Pamutan TrailFest 2018: Not Just a 7KM Trail Run… [MAGMA Trail Run 2018] Mt. Manghulao Challenge: #fakenews More >> “Did the Titos of Cebu Trail Runners just had a woman made the trail route of 10K? Or were […]

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Things you need to know about the Cebu Safari Run

If you are looking for a running event that will take you off roads and give you a different kind of wild running experience, then find time today to register for the upcoming Cebu Safari Run.  When and where is the Cebu Safari Run?  Mark your calendars and save September 15, 2019, for a surely […]

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In Between Running: My Khe Beach, Da Nang

Related stories: Morning Run at Bang Chi Dan Khu Vui Choi Cong Vien Thong Nhat >> < 10K Vietnam Mountain Marathon: PHO to BANH XEO>> Da Nang, VN: Unli-Bridges Running I came to be familiar of Da Nang, Vietnam because it’s one of the new hosts of Ironman triathlon franchise in Southeast Asia, which is organized by Sunrise […]

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Da Nang, VN: Unli-Bridges Running

Related stories: Morning Run at Bang Chi Dan Khu Vui Choi Cong Vien Thong Nhat >> < 10K Vietnam Mountain Marathon: PHO to BANH XEO ————————————— But first bahn mi… …and Mi Quang. Before I thought that pho is the specialty wherever I would be in Vietnam. But after some time, it looks like each region […]

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Just run and run with your heart

I am running for almost a decade now and whenever people learn about it some of them assume I am an elite runner. Fortunately, I am not. Don’t get me wrong, I admire a few elite athletes, especially in endurance sports. The discipline, hard work, dedication, and love these people put into the heart of […]

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[Race Story] Hunat Sugbu 9: Tailing

Related Stories: HUNAT SUGBU 3, Dagan Para ni Maning: Running Event for Runners BAI (Parklane) Runners[HUNAT SUGBU 2015: RUNUEL] 5 “Because I CAN” Runners’ StoriesAside from Timing Chip, 3 Reasons Why You Should JoinDare to Break These 6 Things HUNAT SUGBU 8 (June 24, 2018): 8’s a MUST! This is the 9th edition of Hunat Sugbu. […]

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The teams that made me

I am still in awe every time I am reminded that it has been nine years since I started running. It doesn’t feel like almost a decade at all but it actually is. I became a runner in 2010 and like most runners we know, my first was a 3KM fun run for a cause, […]

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CEBU EPIC 2019 Press Conference Video Clips

The #cebuepic2019 press conference video clips playlist here >>. Road cycling has become wildly popular in Cebu because of Ironman. While mountain biking, though has always been here, has remained to be this not-so-secret society of people, who you see mostly going up and down the trans-central highway. And, one of those of the “not-so-secret […]

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Running in Richard Gomez’ City, Ormoc =)

Related Story: Biking in Leyte, Philippines Year 2017 when I was able to go to Ormoc City twice. The first time, I was charmed so we went back again in the same year. After the 2nd time, I made a lot of plans like trekking some mountain peaks, running to Lake Danao, etc but until […]

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[Sagada, Mountain Province] Cheap Trails: Going Top, Mt. Ampacao

Related Stories: Kiltepan 2016Finding Lunch Via Echo ValleyKamanbaneng Peak aka Marlboro Hills I’m not the person to research and make itinerary before going on a trip. Most of the time, I only have this preconceived notions of a place, and from there, I’ll be making my rough draft of things-to-do list. Most of the time, […]

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[Cheap Trails] Quick Peek: Musuan Peak

Related stories: Top 5 Running Routes in BukidnonBukidnon: Running In the Foggy Trail of Musuan PeakAnd more from Earl Bolivar >> I got a nice Bukidnon coffee beans from Coffee Madness weeks back, and I got nostalgic of the place. So I dug up some old photos from the last time I had the chance […]

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Biliran has still no Jollibee when I was able to go there. As my kids would categorize it, any town without Jollibee is a “small sleepy town.” But growing up in and coming from a small town, being in that kind of place is nostalgic; there’s that happy and longing feeling of childhood days looking […]

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3X A Charm

There was a point in my life that I ran a lot, like a lottttt!!! (Like there’s always a half-marathon, marathon, and even an ultramarathon every weekend or a 30KM LSD if there’s no running event.) There was a point that I was injured a lot, but I still run a lot! There was a […]

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