[Race Story] The Alicia Panoramic Trail Run 2018: REALITY vs EXPECTATION

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Looking at the beautiful ridges of Alicia Panoramic Park, a lot of romantic expectations come into my mind until reality hits…


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Photo by Niel Jarina





Photo from Anna Frost



#storyofmylife during The Alicia Panoramic Trail Run

I’m having a hard time articulating my race story for The Alicia Panoramic Trail Run because it was really so HARD for me but then it was also very BEAUTIFUL in epic proportions (call me exagge!). I quit halfway, and I was / am supposed to feel so bad about it but then I feel like I gain more than enough beautiful vibes to last me a life time. I mean the place is just so beautiful that it would be too ungrateful for me to feel bad just because I did not get a medal for it. Being there and to have a glimpse of the beautiful place was more than enough of a reward.

Anyhow, enough of being cheesy. The reality was that The Alicia Panoramic Park Trail Run’s route was a range of ridges. And, if it’s a ridge, it’s uphill and downhill. Uphill in trail runs stresses me, but downhill is the bane-st of them all. If my heartbeat doubles in going uphill, it quadruples when going downhill. And, the downhill in Alicia Park was not that friendly so it totally drained me emotionally, physically, spiritually. I’m just thankful that I even got to reach halfway of it. =)

So please RD Richard Anania & Alicia LGU make The Alician Panoramic Trail Run happen again! And, THANK YOU!!!

Thank you to the volunteers marshals, aid station crew, and everyone!

The most handsome volunteer crew, Papa Rey =)

Thank you also to my co-runners because misery loves company. =)

Thank you also to the sponsors / supporters of this trail run, please check The Alicia Panoramic Park Trail Run 2018: ALI NA sa ALICIA, BOHOL! >> for the list of sponsors.

And, most of all Thank God for Alicia Panoramic Park and its beautiful people for sharing it with us! =)

The beautiful beaches of the nearby town of Alicia was definitely a cherry on top. Only in Alicia, Bohol, summit to sea…

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