AWUM 6 (All-Women Ultramarathon 2017): Fail-Proof Race Plan…

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… that yet needs to be proven. Of the previous 5 AWUMs, I missed 2 editions. So this upcoming AWUM 6 will be my4th time. But this edition is the first time that I made a recon as well did a training run on the exact route (parts of the route, not the whole route). Not because I was super confident in the previous ones, but it’s more of I did not want to know what kind of pain I’d be in. I’d rather not know because “Ignorance is a bliss.”But this time, I’m extra scared because, as I said again and again, it’s been 2 years from my last long distance, marathon. So I joined the Team Carabao of Kick for Life when they had their recon 2 Saturdays ago.

And, I’m happy to say that I survive 30KM with them!

So here’s my race plan.

First 10KM. This roughly covers SRP – Labangon – detour in Sci-Hi to Banawa – Escario – Gorordo – JY / IT Park.

From the starting to Labangon, I would ride on with the excitement wave of the runners. It’s hard to resist but most runners would zoom out on the first stretch.

Upon reaching the Banawa hills, it’s going to be walking time.

Then the Escario to IT Park, it has this slight uphill which you cannot really feel especially when you are still fresh. So we will take this part slow.

So I would not mind pacing this part on a 12min/km. 

10KM-15KM. This is (roughly) the TESDA area – Banilad – Talamban – corner Cabancalan.

This is a slight uphill. I’ll probably maintain the pace of the first stretch.

15KM – 25KM. Cabancalan – Highway Mandaue – Pacific Mall – Cansaga Bridge – then back to the gasoline station.

The Cabancalan stretch is downhill so I would try to speed up a little in a pace of not faster than 9min/km. If I could get here before 11pm, I’d drop by for some coffee at Kapehan Ceferina.

Highway to Total Gas Station to the stretch before reaching Cansaga bridge will be flat. Hopefully, I could maintain the Cabancalan pace.

Then take it slow on Cansaga bridge, and enjoy the view. I think Cansaga bridge has the prettiest view among the 3 bridges. And from what I recall, it also has one of the cool aid stations. And, maybe take a dash of liniment spray in this area.

We stopped at the Phoenix Gas Station, right before you make a detour for the New Bridge.

Team Carabao

From there, I’m just going to wing it. @.@ On a serious, I’ll do the 2-1 strategy, 2min-run and 1min-walk.

And, if every thing feels sh!tty, take a selfie!

So help us, God!

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6 Responses to AWUM 6 (All-Women Ultramarathon 2017): Fail-Proof Race Plan…

  1. Romeo-Cheril Andrino 8 March, 2017 at 6:57 am #

    goodluck to all of you. you can make it Owrange!…i hope i can take a selfie with you before the gun start this coming March 11 or any of the participants. im not joining but i hope this “selfie pic” would be my goodluck pic too as i hope and love to join but first the battle in registering next year’s AWUM. Puhon, if lucky enough then it would be my first. love you ALL strong WOMEN…

  2. anninteresting101 15 March, 2017 at 6:24 pm #

    you made it mam rose!

    • owrange 21 March, 2017 at 1:15 pm #

      thanks, ann! ikaw ni ann yguinto?

      • anninteresting101 22 March, 2017 at 12:42 pm #

        yes. 😀


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