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Hunat Sugbu 6 (June 26, 2016): Dare to Break These 6 Things

Event: Hunat Sugbu 6: Dagan Para ni Maning
Venue: The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu
Date: June 26, 2016
Assembly Time: 4am
Categories: 21K (P750) • 12K (P650) • 6K (P550) • 3K (P450)
Registration Ongoing: Parklane Hotel Lobby, 10am-8pm
Cebu City Sports Center, 4pm-9pm Fridays and Saturdays and 5am-1pm on Sundays
Active Zone, Ayala Center Cebu from 10am to 9pm Mon-Saturday.


This year’s Hunat Sugbu theme, “Dare to Break,” is something that resonates with my current state of mind, not only in running, but as well life in general (But I will spare you from my preaching about life.).

So it’s been awhile that I have been “trying” to get more active in running. I used to run very long distances, but now I could hardly even get myself to run a regular weekly 5K. But if there’s one thing running has taught me is that negativity can not make you any one faster or stronger or help you move forward; but being thankful can turn a failure into a victory or at least a lesson.

As the Hunat Sugbu 6 theme goes, I will “Dare to Break” the “lull” in my running career,
as well as updating this running blog. There will be no new PRs, but just to go out there and be thankful that running came into my life.

With Hunat Sugbu’s 6th edition, here are 6 things you can DARE TO BREAK aside from PR:

1. FOREVER lack of LOVELIFE? In English, NBSB, friendzoned, Pia-Wurtzhbach-zoned ka ba always? Dare to break it! As they say RUNNING (or any sports) IS THE NEW BOYFRIEND / girlfriend. It will never leave you. It’s low-maintenance. It’s available 24/7. The hurt is orgasmic.

And, if all things fail, you get a shirt – a beautiful one if it’s from Hunat Sugbu as designed by Ervin Limpag.


Photo from Hunat Sugbu

2. Tired of being always left behind? In English, pagod ka na bang palaging iniwan? Dare to break it! Sa Hunat Sugbu, hindi ka iiwan. You’d be the star if you’d be left behind.

(Rumor has it that last runner has a special prize. Not confirmed, only rumor.)

3. Giving up on getting that perfect profile photo? In English, “talikod-genic” na lang ba ang pag-asa mong gumanda sa picture? Dare to break it!

In running, the more “beast mode” looking, the better. So use that face value; It’s called the champion look!

Photo from TriLife Magazine

Photo from TriLife Magazine

4. Tired of being FAT? In English, tanggapin po natin ang truth? Dare to break it! Run, and you will be amazed what that fat body can do to you; it will bring you to the finish line just like how the other body shapes do! And, of course, Hunat Sugbu organizers, Cebu Parklane International Hotel, always have a yummy feast at the finish line.

You are stronger than how fat you are. =)

Photo from Paksit Photos

Photo from Paksit Photos

5. Tired of your difficult life? In English, pagod ka na ba sa reality? Dare to break it. Make it more difficult. Go out, run the Hunat Sugbu 6, make friends, and contribute to the medical mission, where proceeds of Hunat Sugbu event will go to. At least, kahit difficult ang life mo, you’re making others’ less difficult.

And, if you get lucky, you will even get a medal at the finish line. =)



21K and 12K category finisher’s medal

6. Tired of reading this? Dare to break it. Go out now, and run to nearest Hunat Sugbu 6 registration centers, see list above.


Photo from Hunat Sugbu


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  1. Beyee 17 June, 2016 at 11:02 pm #

    Thanks Runroo for this article 🙂 The one who finished last received a bottle of wine handed out by the hotel manager 🙂


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