Photo by Ulachika SnapShots

The Magic 14 Moments from AWUM 2015

AWUM 2015 results reposted here >>.
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I have been stalking the photos from the different photographers of AWUM. Watching the photos is like experiencing the different spectrum of emotions: from feeling LOL, to #thatawkwardmoment, to heart-melting, WHAT-IT-HAPPENED?!?, to tear-jerker. I guess that’s what makes All-Women Ultra Marathon special. =)

And, again thank you to all the photographers, see list here >>. I probably missed on a lot!

1. Mayor Mike Rama serenaded the ladies, at the starting line, with a Twilight song to make it more epic. Now it got me thinking, did Mayor read the whole Twilight series?

Seriously, Mayor?? #awum2015 #MikeRama #MayorMike #Cebu #CebuPolitics #Concert

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2. Fireworks. After being serenaded, we got fireworks for the first time!

#fireworks for the 1st time #awum2015

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3. The thrilling race of the lead pack…

Photo from Paksit Photos

Photo from Paksit Photos

4. ending with a much more epic finish with 1 second difference of the champion and the first placer: Sandra Soliano & Preciousa Sanchez.

Photo by Reynan Opada

Photo by Reynan Opada

SHOUTOUT to the TOP 10 AWUM Women:
Sandra Soliano
Preciosa Sanchez
Rhoda Oporto
Jade Abellana
Wilma Theresa Lugay
Daisy Batac
Mereeis Ramirez
Virginia Parajenog
Marecor Baclay
Sheila Aligway

Photo from Sandra Soliano

Photo from Sandra Soliano

5. Sinulog fever came back for the girls thanks in the aid station in Tisa.

pista #awum2015

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6. The energetic photographers from starting line…

Photo from Paksit Photos

Photo from Paksit Photos

to the chilling photographers at almost finish line. Photographers got “laspag” too? =)

Photo from FotoSmile

Photo from FotoSmile

7. If there’s another consistent participant of AWUM, it’s this mirror. Do you ever wonder if this is still the mirror back in the first edition? 11014270_1621729154712300_9150138217451871083_n 8. How about some daylight disco at TG-Lasang?

tg lasang discooo #awum2015

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9. AWUM is when every one is out doing their own little thing to push the ladies, even this Klaasy manequin is supportive…

Photo from FotoSmile

Photo from FotoSmile

10. the face towel from KP Customs (Kayod Pinoy) played a vital role…



Photo by Reynan Opada

Photo by Reynan Opada

11. the flower power!


Photo by Reynan Opada


Photo by Michael Ocana of ShutterSpeed Photography

12. Boys, can you do this?!? Run ultramarathon, and at the same time be a hydration center. =)

Photo by FotoSmile

Photo by FotoSmile

13. And, the SOLDOUT!
Minsan movie.
Madalas AWUM massage station.

Following photos credits: Willie Estepa, John Domingo of FotoSmile, Roy Delez, Ashley Ramos, iCapture.










14. And that one woman who can bring the whole town cry for joy. Inspiring story of Candice Maque, “Memoirs of a 50K Awum finisher” by Michelle P. So here >>.

Video from Ulachika Snapshots.

“Running is the best life’s metaphor. I had this awesome journey during my first Awum. I passed by Asian College of Technology, used to be my boarding place going to Saint Theresa’s College. I passed by Parian, where I have worked with the best people in Rafi. I passed by Banawa, JJ’s therapy place. I passed by Escario, JJ’s first PT and OT therapy center. I passed by UP where I almost gave up during my CCM 42k run. I passed by Aboitiz, my first work outside STC. I passed by Lapu-Lapu old bridge, where Jerry and I walked because we didn’t have any fare at all (LOL). I passed by Pajo, where I spent my childhood. I passed by Marcelo Fernan Bridge, where I fondly remember how I slipped in a hole going for a job interview but did not get accepted. All these where in my thoughts during the entire race.”

“This is the reason why I was in love with running. I get to go to places on foot that bring a lot of lessons and memories worth keeping. I am a slow runner as they say but I am happy that I am for I have enjoyed every stride, remembering how life had been.”

via Memoirs of a 50K All-Women Ultra Marathon finisher | Sun.Star.

CONGRATS, ThinkTank! For a night, you got all the people from different sectors united. =)

* First Photo by Ulachika SnapShots
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  1. xine 13 March, 2015 at 2:34 pm #

    Repeat performance next year 🙂

  2. sumayse 13 March, 2015 at 6:15 pm #

    thank you, rose, for this awum listicle. think tank races are not driven by profit but by appreciation of the cebu running community.


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